Tidal Zone – Underwater Scooters (DPVs) from Dive Xtras

Tidal Zone specializes in Dive Xtras underwater scooters. Born from the desire to dive WWII wrecks in Guadalcanal, we needed DPVs that were light and with batteries that we could travel with, that were powerful enough to pull us, our rebreathers and our bailout, and that could safely reach and come back from the 100+ metre depths.

After careful comparison with the competition, Dive Xtras won the day and have kept delivering with innovative technology ever since.

Your choice of brand is easy and so is the model – buy the CudaX if you can afford it (or if you just have to have it); otherwise get the BlackTip Tech. Easy as that!

BlackTip Travel
BlackTip Travel
Lighter and shorter, but not trim.
BlackTip Travel
BlackTip Tech
Neutral buoyancy and perfect trim.
BlackTip Exploration
BlackTip Exploration
The BlackTip with stamina.
Cuda-X Tech
The perfect scooter!

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